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Topic : “Next-Generation Leaders: Breaking Boundaries through Technology and Innovation”

‘We need to teach our kids to be markers’ has been her battle cry as she continues to highlight the role of engineering, and the participation of women in the field. Her passion has inspired many young women to explore how engineering and technology can be leveraged on to help redefine the future. Her enthusiasm helps spread optimism and hope among other young enablers and innovators who, armed only with big dreams and pioneering spirit, seek to change the way the game is played and impact people’s lives.


MS. MARITA CHENG (Australia)
Founder and CEO, 2Mar Robotics
Executive Director, Robogals Global


Ms. Cheng was the “2012 Young Australian of the Year” and is a technology entrepreneur and women in technology advocate. On a day-to-day basis, she works as the founder and CEO of 2Mar Robotics (2Mar), making telepresence robots that are sold to large corporates, museums, schools and in health care. The company also does work in VR, and robotic arms.

Noticing the low number of girls in her engineering classes at the University of Melbourne, Ms. Cheng rounded up her fellow engineering peers and they went to schools to teach girls about robotics, as a way to encourage girls into engineering. While on academic exchange at Imperial College London, she expanded the group to London and through innovation and sheer will, she then expanded Robogals throughout Australia, the UK, the USA and Japan. The group runs robotics workshops, career talks and various other community activities to introduce young women to engineering.

Robogals has taught 50,000 girls from 9 countries for its robotics workshops across 31 chapters. Robogals has been internationally recognized through the Global Engineering Deans Council Diversity in Engineering Award (2014), Grace Hopper Celebration’s Anita Borg Change Agent Award (2011), and the International Youth Foundation’s Youth Action Net Fellowship (2011).

Topic : “The Rise of Global ASEAN through Capability Driven Strategy “

Most companies work out their strategy by looking at the market and trying to find an interesting niche. This can result in organizations getting lost in the forest of opportunities or drowning in blue oceans.


Partner, PwC Malaysia


Mr. Clayton will describe an alternative approach to strategy development – looking at unique strengths and capabilities, and working out how they can be put to use to increase profitability, expand market and beat competitors by changing the game. He will give examples of how major companies have successfully done this, how this can be replicated in organizations to enable stronger performance.

Mr. Clayton leads Strategy& (formerly Booz & Co) in SE Asia, a global strategy consultancy which is part of the PwC Network. He joined the business in mid-2005 after gaining international business experience at both British Airways (1988-2000) and HOCHTIEF AirPort (now AviAlliance), a German airport investor (2000-2005). Having worked on projects in Asia since 2002, he relocated to SE Asia in 2007 and re-launched Strategy&’s office in Malaysia.

He has extensive background in Transport and Logistics (he also leads T&L for PwC’s SE Asia consulting group) through airline, rail, maritime and infrastructure roles. He has also carried out major assignments advising governments on economic growth and development, including Malaysia’s New Economic Model and long term development plans for Brunei and Sabah.

He has an MBA from London Business School and a BS in Engineering from the University of Kent.

Topic : “Doing Business in a Borderless World”

“…You need to deal directly with your customers to get their inputs; you need to make sure you have safe environments for your customers and your employees; you need to operate in an ethical manner, making sure that you consider ethics a big part of the strategy; and the one thing that oversees all of these are integration with communities and government. This is our model around the world … our model moving forward.” This captures the essence of what business should be all about in today’s collaborative world – customers. Companies rise and fall because they do not adapt to the evolving customer preferences, persisting in the tried and traditional, rather than examining their relevance in the marketplace.


Head, Asia Pacific & the Subcontinent
ICTSI (International Container Terminal Services, Inc.)


“…You need to deal directly with your customers to get their inputs; you need to make sure you have safe environments for your customers and your employees; you need to operate in an ethical manner, making sure that you consider ethics a big part of the strategy; and the one thing that oversees all of these are integration with communities and government. This is our model around the world … our model moving forward.” This captures the essence of what business should be all about in today’s collaborative world – customers. Companies rise and fall because they do not adapt to the evolving customer preferences, persisting in the tried and traditional, rather than examining their relevance in the marketplace.

Mr.  Gonzalez is currently Head of Asia Pacific for International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), overseeing all of the ICTSI Group’s business development as well as operations in these regions.  Concurrently, he either chairs or sits on the board of the Group’s other subsidiaries, and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Group’s flagship, the Manila International Container Terminal.  He is a Trustee and the President of ICTSI Foundation, Inc., the Group’s corporate social responsibility arm.

Mr. Gonzalez is also a Director of Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, owner and developer of the $1.2 billion Solaire Resort and Casino.

Topic : “Digital Disruption: How and Why Technology Innovations are Changing Business Models Globally”

Companies are all too aware of the impact that the age of digital is making on the way they do business. So much efforts are expended to plan for digital strategies to take their organizations to the next level.

Talk to any business executive today, and it is highly likely they have ‘digital’ on their mind – digital disruption, digital strategy, digital transformation, digitalisation and so on. But what do all of these terms mean? What is happening in global business to cause leaders and boards to be so consumed with understanding digital and how best to respond to them? What opportunities do they represent? And what challenges do they pose? In this presentation, Mr. Hayward will give a broad overview of current digital trends and outline the ways organizations can navigate a way through the noise and get to desired outcomes.


Mr. BOB HAYWARD (Singapore)
Principal, Management Consulting Asia/Pacific

HAYWARD, BOB - 2016June24

Mr. Hayward has more than 35 years of experience helping business understand and take advantage of technology innovations, most of those across the Asia/Pacific region. He currently inspires KPMG teams across Asia to advise, design and implement technology solutions for clients across every industry sector.

He previously established and then led the Asia/Pacific research team of Gartner, the leading IT research firm. He has been the regional leader for a top 10 US software firm and ASPAC CTO for one of the world’s largest IT services firms. He has also launched several technology ventures, either as sole founder or co-founder, and is an active technology investor and advisor to regional technology incubators and venture capital firms.

Originally from the UK, he has lived and worked in continental Europe, the USA, the Middle East and across Asia/Pacific in Sydney, Tokyo and Bangkok. He is currently based in Singapore where he spends most of his time involved in the burgeoning FinTech area of innovation in Financial Services and explaining the impact Blockchain technology will have on industry.

Topic : “RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS: Sustaining Resilient Communities”

“Responsible Business is about making money without hurting society; it does not mean business at all costs.” – and this mindset underscores Philanthropy Works’ (PW) efforts to apply business sensibilities among social enterprises in order to attract more funders and philanthropists to support programs that will make sustainable impact on Asia’s poor. This mission aligns with Ms. Liew’s statement that ‘economic growth is the water of life that nurtures resilient communities.’


Founder, Philanthropy Works


Ms. Liew is sought after as a global thought leader and expert practitioner in Sustainable Development and Strategic Philanthropy, since founding PW. Honored as the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Young Global Leader 2015, she is adept at both strategy-crafting and implementation Asia-wide, even for greenfield projects in locales including Pakistan. Vivian serves as the trusted advisor to select rainmakers, addressing key societal gaps, such as the Southeast Asian Haze Crisis with deep due diligence and crafting of the multi-pronged strategy and broad-based expert coalition needed.

Ms. Liew’s expertise and insights have been sought by CNBC, Channel NewsAsia and Singapore’s Business Times, etc. Institutions like Insead, Singapore Management University and top private banks engage her to address clients and students. More public speaking engagements range from “Building resilient societies” at the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, “Intelligent CSR” at the Asean 100 Leadership Forum, “The science of philanthropy” at the Asian Family Business Forum, “Impact evaluation and social entrepreneurship” at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, and “Be the change you want” at TEDx.

Ms. Liew’s board service has encompassed both the global and the local. She is the 1st Asian board director elected to Nobel-winner Medecins sans Frontieres (Brussels), and also served on the boards of an Asian pro-bono consulting social enterprise, and Singapore’s Securities Investors Association (SIAS). Her leadership is honored by the Asean 100 Leadership Forum, Asia Society, Her World (50 most inspiring women), and Prestige (40 under 40).

Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Huntsman Program with dual honors degrees (Wharton & College) in 3 years, Vivian was The World Bank’s first professional undergraduate hire. Serving in the Public Sector Anchor in their Washington DC headquarters, she was promoted after four months. She then worked in Corporate Finance at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong, served with MSF as their financial controller in Liberia, and with UBS as the business manager to the Singapore Country Head (and wealth management head), before founding PW.

Topic : “Next Generation Leaders: Realizing the Potentials of the International Markets”

What makes a successful entrepreneur is that they are doing work that can benefit many people and provide an opportunity to create jobs.” From 3 pushcarts to 1,200 outlets in Indonesia, Malaysia Philippines, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Singapore and Bangladesh – Mr. Hendy Setiono is on his way to transforming his kebab business into becoming Asia’s version of Subway. This growth is remarkable considering that he founded this business when he was just 20 years old with a US$400 capital he borrowed from his sister.


President and Director, Baba Rafi Enterprise
Owner, Kebab Turki Baba Rafi


His first kebab pushcart succeeded beyond his expectations and within the same year, he set up two more. His first outlet was established in 2003 in his hometown in Surabaya, Indonesia. He expanded by franchising several brands beside Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, like Babarafionline.com, Container Kebab and his latest project Waroeng Mee, a hangout-restaurant serving upscaled Indomie with toppings, light bites and interesting drinks.

Today, his company employs more than 1,900 employees – and he made sure that he gives opportunities to people of various educational background ranging from elementary, junior and senior high school, bachelor to postgraduate. His transformational corporate social responsibility initiative led him to start The Baba Rafi Academy, whose objective was to develop and grow the next-generation of socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs.

This young ASEAN entrepreneur is showing the way for this new brand of leadership – building successful companies while contributing to the social well-being of the local economy through ethical practices. He was the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee and was a recipient of the 5th Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award by the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Asia Pacific (YEGAP) of the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


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6 September 2016, Tuesday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La

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